The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) represent a collective ambition for our world. They articulate specific targets to be reached by 2015 related to poverty and hunger, universal education, child health and other crucial dimensions.

Eight MDGs have been commonly accepted as a framework for measuring development: (1) Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, (2) Achieve universal primary education, (3) Promote gender equality and empower women, (4) Reduce child mortality rate, (5) Improve maternal health, (6) Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases, (7) Ensure environmental sustainability, (8) Develop a global partnership for development.

This portal is a tool to track progress on these MDGs over more than 140 locations worldwide using the World Bank MDGs database.


“We must not fail the billions who look to the international community to fulfil the promise of the Millennium Declaration for a better world.”
Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-General, March 2010.

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